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How to get to Venice from Treviso Airport

Treviso Airport (aeroporto di Treviso A. Canova), located 3 kilometers from the town of the same name, operates flights from NordStar, Air Berlin, WizzAir, WizzAir Ukraine, Ryanair. Its remoteness from Venice and cheaper aircraft parking compared to Marco Polo Airport made it ideal for low-cost carriers operating flights from Kiev, Paris, Berlin, London and other cities.

Treviso Airport is very popular in the winter, due to its proximity to the resorts of Tre Valley (Falcade), Dolomiti, Alta Pusteria.

Near Venice there is anotherAirport - Marco Polowhere most flights land. BlogoItaliano already wrote about it in one of the previous posts - How to get to Venice from Marco Polo Airport. However, taking into account that a significant part of passengers arriving in Venice and through the Treviso airport, BlogoItaliano decided to detail the details of transport in this direction.

So, if your plane doesn’t land at Marco Polo and you don’t know, how to get to Venice from Treviso airportAll possible methods are listed below.

From Treviso Airport by bus

The easiest way to get there from Treviso Airport to Venice or Mestre - use the Terravision bus.

Terravision Buses connect Treviso Airport with Tronchetto in Venice, making an intermediate stop at the Mestre Train Station.

Tronchetto is the point from where it is convenient to begin your acquaintance with Venice, wherever you go. In walking distance is the main railway station of the city, Maritime Station, as well as Piazzale Roma, from where the Vaporetto river buses depart to all the main points of Venice.

From the airport to the city, buses run from 9 am to 9 pm (there may be slight changes in the schedule depending on the day of the week). In the opposite direction - from Venice to Treviso Airport - from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. A detailed schedule of all routes can be found here.

Travel time by bus from Treviso Airport to Venice takes about 40 minutes. When buying online through the service’s website, a one-way ticket costs 11 Euros; in both - 20 Euros (2018). Tickets purchased on the spot can cost more. Children under 10 travel for free.

Finding a bus stop at Treviso Airport in Venice will not be difficult - it is located directly opposite the exit from the terminal.

A stop in Tronchetto (Venice) can be found on the map below:

In 2016, BlogoItaliano tested the Terravision service in Rome and recorded a separate video on how to book bus tickets through the service website. In Venice, everything is similar and remember that before boarding a bus, you must have it on hand printed version of the ticket - they are checked when boarding the bus.

You can familiarize yourself with the schedule, stops and travel details in more detail on the service website.

Check schedule and availability of tickets ›››

Helpful advice: If you are going to Venice, download an audio city guide for iPhone link - this is a ready-made audio tour of the city center, consisting of 60 of the most interesting places.

The audio guide even works without the Internet, and inside there is a convenient map and built-in GPS navigation to easily track your location and easily find excursion points. The first 5 points are available for free, and the full version costs only $ 6, which is much cheaper than even the most budget excursions.

Other buses

Another way to get from Treviso Airport by bus is ATVO. So you can get from Treviso to Piazzale Roma - a square on the outskirts of Venice, where all the nearby vehicles unload passengers.

Buses between Treviso and Venice run from 7: 00-8: 00 (depending on the day of the week) to 22:15. One way travel costs 12 Euros (2018). Ticket machines and ATVO ticket offices are located in the station hall. Here or at the exit from the hall there are special composters, in which the ticket must be composted.

In the same way, residents and guests of the city get in the opposite direction. Buses from Venice to Treviso Airport run from 5: 00-5: 30 to 19:30. The trip takes about 70 minutes. Tickets are sold at Piazzale Roma. Here on the square is the vaporetti marina (water trams) and ticket offices.

Having reached Venice, you can continue your journey either on foot or by water buses.

From Treviso Airport by taxi

You can also get to Venice from Treviso airport by taxi, and although this option is much more expensive than a bus, a taxi is nevertheless very popular.

A trip from Treviso Airport to Piazzale Roma (Piazzale Roma) in Venice will cost 60-80 Euros and take 35-40 minutes. From Piazzale Roma, you can get to your hotel in the city by vaporetto, water taxi or on foot.

You can catch a taxi at the exit of the terminal, but, due to the location of Venice on the islands, this decision often causes a lot of trouble. Especially, taking into account the specifics of Italian taxi drivers: rare drivers clearly express themselves in English, and many are not averse to “cutting off excess” from a gaping tourist.

Estimated taxi fares from Treviso Venice Airport when booking online

A more transparent alternative is to order a taxi from Treviso Airport to Venice online. In this case, you will know in advance the exact fare of the trip, and you will not have to pay for a simple car at the airport even if the flight is too late. Taxis via the Internet can be ordered not only to Venice, but also to many cities in the area: Padua, Verona and even Milan.

A taxi driver ordered online meets passengers in the arrivals hall with a sign indicating their names. When traveling with large luggage or small children, you can indicate the need for a more spacious car or pre-installed child seats.

Find out the details of the service, calculate the cost of the trip and orderTaxi from Treviso Airport possible on this page. The service works including in Russian.

By train

You can also get from Treviso Airport to Venice by train, although this is not the most convenient way. To do this, take bus number 6, the stop of which is located near the airport on Via Noalise.

Buses depart from here to Treviso Centrale Train Station every 10-15 minutes. The train from Treviso goes to the main railway station of Venice - Santa Lucia (Santa Lucia di Venezia). In the daytime, rail links between Treviso and Venice are carried out regularly - several times per hour.

It takes about 30 minutes to get from Treviso train station to Venice by train.

The train journey from Treviso to Venice takes about 35 minutes. One of the stops on the route is the Venice-Mestre train station. To get from Venice to Treviso airport by train, follow the same pattern.

From Venice to Treviso Airport: What is better to know in advance

Transportation from Venice to Treviso Airport leaves from Piazalle Roma, where the ATVO and Tronchetto ticket offices are located, from where the Terravision buses leave. Buses are mostly tied to flights. In order not to lose time in a possible queue, you should take care of buying tickets in advance.

Buses approach the square a few minutes before departure. It should also be borne in mind that the main Venetian transport - vaporetto - begins its work at 6 in the morning. Until this time, there is a night flight, however, it is carried out at intervals of 1 hour, which is not very convenient in the presence of an early departure.

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