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In ancient times, the inhabitants of Sardinia compared the native island with the imprint of the soles of the sandals of Apollo himself, adopting Christianity - with the first trace of God after he decided to look at the world he created. However, such associations can come to mind not only to sard patriots or meticulous geographers, but also to all those who have at least once been able to see the island from the porthole of a liner landing at one of the airports. And what, in fact, are the airports of Sardinia themselves interesting and how many really are there?

Today, in addition to many private indoor airfields, it is known about 3 international ones - Costa Smeralda in Olbia, Elmas in Cagliari and Fertilia in Alghero, one local - Arbatax in Tortoli and one military - named after Giovanni Farina in Decimomanna.

Not so long ago, due to huge debts, another civilian airport was liquidated - Fenozu in Oristano. His further fate is still unknown, although the strategic development plan has not yet been canceled.

For obvious reasons, a military airport is unlikely to be interesting. So in this review we will only talk about airports that successfully operate international and local flights to this day.

Costa Smeralda Airport in Olbia

Costa Smeralda translated from Italian means "Emerald Coast". This is exactly what Prince Karim Aga Khan IV saw the north-eastern coast of Sardinia in 1961. Already in 1962, on his initiative, an international consortium was formed, the purpose of which was the implementation of a project for the development of elite tourism on the island.

The key to the Prince’s ambitious plans was the construction of an airport in Olbia, which became the headquarters of Meridiana Fly, founded by His Highness.

Today Sardinia Airport Costa Smeralda in Olbia (international code - OLB) serves one of the most fashionable Mediterranean resort towns - Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo. However, given that at least 2 million passengers pass through its terminal in a year, it’s easy to guess: not only oligarchs arrive on the northeast coast of the island.

Olbia Airport serves the most fashionable resorts in the Mediterranean

This airport is convenient for those who want to relax in the north-west of the island right up to the Costa Paradiso and in the east, including Budoni and even the beaches of Costa Orientale. For beautiful landscapes and seascapes, tourists who have flown to Costa Smeralda head north to Santa Teresa di Gallura. For spiritual food and mountain landscapes - in the province of Nuoro.

And in Olbia itself, where a large-scale restoration of the historical center has recently been carried out, there is something to see and what to visit. For example, the National Archaeological Museum and the largest in Sardinia, Fausto Noche Park.

The airport is located just 5 km south of the city center. It receives and sends regular and charter flights from almost all major European cities.

You can get acquainted with the flight schedule, as well as find cheap flights here. You can order a taxi from the airport to your hotel in Sardinia online at this link. Details about the service are in the article Taxi in Italy: how to order online directly to the airport.

Elmas Airport in Cagliari

The airport of the capital of Sardinia, Cagliari (international code - CAG), dates back to 1937. It is located 7 km from the city center, in the municipality of Elmas. In 2003, it acquired a modern 3-level terminal with many shops and a panoramic restaurant, which is important for tourists waiting for a flight. Currently, in terms of passenger traffic, it is ahead of all other airports in Sardinia combined.

Cagliari Airport has many shops and a panoramic restaurant.

A flight to Cagliari is convenient for travelers who want to relax in the south of Sardinia, in the resorts of Pula, Kia, Forte Village, taste the best wines on the island in Porto Pino, lie on the beaches in the area of ​​Bugerru, see the sights of Oristano and admire the dune landscapes of Arbus. And, of course, the first item in the cultural and entertainment program of tourists - Cagliari itself - the ancient and new capital of Sardinia.

Sardinia Airport in Elmas It serves more than a dozen low-cost airlines, which can significantly save those who choose this direction for a trip to the island on vacation or on business.

Find out about flights to Elmas Airport, as well as find convenient connections and cheap flights here. Book a taxi from Elmas Airport to your hotel on the island via the Internet at this link. A detailed description of the service is in our material Taxi in Italy: how to order online directly to the airport.

Fertilia Airport in Alghero

Full official name airport in Alghero - Alghero Riviero del Corallo (international code - AHO). But usually this airport in Sardinia is called the same as the village near which it is located - Fertilia.

And the thing is that the city of Sassari also claims to it - the second largest population on the island and the center of the province of the same name. According to city officials, this airport should be called Sassari Alghero, as it was announced in an advertisement by Alitalia in 1980 after its transfer from military to civilian level.

From cities of the CIS countries there are no direct flights to Fertilia

In 2008, the airport was completely renovated, as a result of which its terminal area increased from 8,000 to 14,000 m2. In 2009, it became one of the hubs of the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair, which significantly affected the prices of flights in a downward direction. Passenger traffic - about 1.5 million people annually.

In Alghero, tourists fly mainly to the famous Coral Riviera in the west of the island, as well as to visit the national park on the island of Asinera, to see the sights and festival processions of Castelsardo and Sassari.

Of the cities of the CIS countries, there are no direct flights to Fertilia, but there are seasonal connections via Dortmund, Venice or regular flights through Rome. More information about flights and ticket prices to Sardinia Fertilia Airport can be found here.

Arbatax Airport in Tortoli

About halfway between Cagliari and Olbia, if you follow the east coast, the city of Tortoli is located. In the 60s. last century, entrepreneurs interested in the speedy sale of goods of the local paper mill, equipped nearby, in the village of Arbataks, a small airfield.

Soon, thanks to the interest of tourists in the local man-made and miraculous sights and the fact that others Sardinia airports not yet deployed to its full potential, it was decided to carry out local civilian flights between cities and resorts of the island.

From Tortoli Airport, tourists usually travel to Orosei Bay

From Tortola airport, tourists usually go to the beaches of the Orosei Gulf or to the central part of the island, to Orgoloso, Lotzorai, Fanny to see Sardinia "without gloss." You can admire the red coastal cliffs and relax in the resort-natural park in the village of Arbataks.

According to the latest data, airport in tortola so far it carries no more than 50 thousand passengers a year. However, since 2010, he began to specialize not only in domestic Sardinian flights, but also on flights from / to Rome, Verona, Milan, which should gradually increase the number of passengers. In addition, now it is the only operating airport in Sardinia in the center and east of the island.

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